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Hamster facts

Hamster facts

  • Hamsters are nocturnal and are rarely active during the day.

  • Hamsters live two to three years on average.

  • Hamsters mainly eat seeds, grasses, root vegetables, fruits, corn and pulse crops. Common hamster also eats insects, lizards, frogs and small mammals.

  • Hamsters can remember their relatives.

  • Hamsters got their name from an old German word “hamstern” associated with storing food.

  • Hamsters are color blind.

  • Hamsters typically have poor eyesight and depth perception.  They can only see up to six inches in front of them.

  • In the wild, hamsters dig extensive tunnels beneath the ground ‐ extending as far as three feet in depth.

  • In the cool of the evening and during the night hamsters will search for food ‐ and can travel up to 8 miles in one night.

  • Like other rodents, a hamster’s teeth grow continuously throughout their lifetime. To help keep their teeth worn and clean, offer suitable chew toys on a regular basis.  If they aren’t interested in chew sticks, you can give them a dog biscuit.

  • Hamsters can squeeze themselves into really small places.

  • Hamsters are now used for scientific research.  They are a popular choice among scientists because they are so easy to handle.

  • Hamsters breed rapidly – they can have a new litter every month!

  • Hamsters are often used for cardiovascular research because their cardiovascular system is very similar to ours.


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