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How to Keep Dog’s Ears Clean

How to Keep Dog’s Ears Clean

Your dog’s ears are so floppy and cute that you might forget about their hygiene concerns, but keeping them clean can actually help to prevent a wide variety of health issues. Your dog’s ears are the perfect environment in which to harbour bacteria, and this can lead to serious infections. However, regularly cleaning and checking in on your dog’s ears will help to keep them happy and healthy. In order to keep them comfortable and to avoid causing any damage it is important that you establish a safe way to clean your dog’s ears.

Make It A Positive Experience

It is very unlikely that your dog will enjoy having its ears cleaned straight away, which means that you will need to bring them round to the idea. Simple steps things that will improve the experience include:

  • Ensuring that their favourite toys are close by
  • Remaining patient and using a positive tone of voice
  • Having plenty of treats on hand to reward good behaviour.

Use The Right Products

As with human ears, it is dangerous to use cotton wool buds to clean your dogs ears as they can damage the sensitive aural cavity. Instead you should use cotton wool balls or wrap some gauze around your finger. You should also use a specifically designed and approved canine ear cleaner.

Be Gentle

It is important that you don’t go in heavy handed when you are cleaning your dog’s ears – you could hurt them and potentially damage their ears and/or hearing. Always acknowledge the natural resistance of the ear and never try to push harder to clean further – it is unnecessary.

Clean Regularly

Cleaning your dog’s ears regularly (such as once a week or once a fortnight) will ensure that they remain healthy, and it will also mean that you become aware of what is normal for your pet’s ears. Even if you don’t use an ear cleaner every time, just using a wet cotton wool ball and wipe any dirt away and help you notice any changes.


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