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Useful links before having a pet

Useful links before having a pet

We have found some useful links. hope this references able to help all current/upcoming pets owners have better knowledge with pets.
All information on this page are found online and does not represent They are for reference and kindly seek professional advice and use personal judgement. Thank you

All You Need to Know About Pets Improving Your Health


“Having pets has proven to improve the health of humans considerably. This is especially the case when it comes to pets that need walking or are overly affectionate. They can help improve your mental and physical health within months.”

Types of pets allowed in Singapore


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If you are staying in Singapore but planning to have a pet? Read more from the authority before having one. We don’t wish to get into trouble with the laws right?

Cost to keep a cat in Singapore


happy cat


Ermm, very often when we see pets most of us are like woooo so cute! But keeping a pet is life commitment and mustn’t forget there is a cost to upkeep them. Cost like medical, food, toy & etc. So are you ready to put aside some of your income to have a pet?

Home Safety Guide


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The kitchen is probably the most dangerous room in your house – for you and your pets. You at least know what items to avoid, but animals don’t see the same risk in a hot stove, sharp knife, or indigestible trash items that you do.


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